Attention! Aspiring Writer,

Have You Long Desired to Write a Book?
Are You Overwhelmed at the Thought?


You Are Probably Like My Friends Are Now, And How I Was a Few Years Ago:

  • The Prospect of Writing a Book is like this big scary monster for me
  • I Don't Feel Like I Have Enough Time, and so I never start
  • I Have 95% of the Material for Another Book, but I just can't seem to get over the hump. I need an easier process
  • Writing a Book Is Like an "Off-Road Journey," with no maps or signposts to help you reach your destination
  • I Feel Like I Am Walking through a Dark, Mushy, Scary Path, with so many questions and insecurities that my inner critic paralyzes me when I try to write
  • In Order to Just Start, I would need a process to break the project down into smaller manageable chunks


This Special Report will help you:

  • Figure Out How to find the Time to Write, Techniques for finding enough time to accomplish your goal
  • See How You Could Write a Book Quickly and Easily, which will enhance your credibility as a speaker.
  • Give Potential Clients and Customers the assurance that you are a seasoned professional, so they say "yes" to hiring you or purchasing your products, even if you are just getting started
  • Develop a Plan for Your Book where you could utilize five minute segments to Bring Your Book to Completion

You’re not alone! Many have desired to write for years and years. Many would like to write, but they see little hope of doing so. Most are not afraid of hard work. They need a workable plan. I have clients who only dreamed of being writers who are now published authors. My passion is to share these principles with as many of my fellow speakers as possible in the Time Management Keys for Speakers Who Would be Writers Special Report! While this report is aimed at speakers, the principles are the same for all new aspiring writers. They will fit you perfectly.

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If you are a business owner, a book will greatly benefit your business. Watch the video below to find out about that.



As you can see, that video is for my speaking business, but it does illustrate the point that having a book is valuable. You may have a different reason for wanting to be the author of a book.

According to one study done several years ago, over 80% of Americans indicated that they would like to write a book, but they just didn't know how to go about it.

What if I told you that you could write a book in 28 Days or less, without stressing yourself to death? That is the topic of my signature talk, a book-writing class, and a proven coaching plan.

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Time Management Keys for Speakers Who Would be Writers 

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Lynn Masters
Independent Mary Kay Consultant

Before taking this class, some of the greatest challenges I faced when it comes to writing a book were finding the time, knowing how to publish, and setting my priorities. I was always having something in my head that I wanted to write, and I thought I could not afford to publish a book.

A realization came upon me, and I decided to take this class. I realized that time is quickly passing and that I wanted to write about certain people while I still had the opportunity.

My favorite aspects of this class were being able to interact with the panel of writers who told us how they were able to write their own books, and practicing writing using the five-minute model.

This class, and the related coaching, has helped me to realize that I can break down my writing project into smaller pieces so that I don’t have to feel so overwhelmed.

I would recommend it to anyone who wishes to write a book, but has never done so before.